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Progress Report

October 2023

Building Together with WAHS we are committed to affordable and accessible seniors housing that reflects a people first commitment. Getting the best value for our tax dollars
and pursuing sustainability is a responsibility WHMB takes seriously. Watch here for monthly updates.

WHMB submitted its grant application to the Affordable Housing Partnership Program (the provincial grant) on October 16.  Alberta’s AHPP brings together partners from public, private, and non-profit organizations to provide affordable housing where it is needed most, by providing up to 1/3 of projected housing costs. The application intake is now closed, review is occurring, and successful grants will be announced in early 2024.

WHMB next action is expediting its CMHC application by preparing a Class B budget with its partners and contractors. If approval of AHPP occurs, application to CMHC for funds (the mortgage) can then proceed immediately.

WHMB is hopeful and excited about the Build Project progress thus far.  We would like to share our extensive project developments, including scale models and design particulars, with you. We plan to share this with you early in 2024, once we’re notified of AHPP application results.

August 2023

We’ve assembled and finalized our expert team that moves us even closer to a start date for our new lodge project.  The team includes an architect, project management, and construction management firms.

By October 1, this team will have finalized the Class C project estimate and prepared all documents needed for submission to the AAHP grant (Alberta Affordable Housing Program).

This grant deadline is October 16 with a 90-day review period. While waiting for this funding approval, our team will continue to work on further design and development.

Community Presentations

From March 27th – April 5, 2023, Community Presentations were held to discuss details of the new lodge build (east of Kinsmen Park) of which the hospice will be located. Click here for audio from the first meeting held on March 27th.

VIDEO | JUNE 15TH, 2023

Shareholders Presentation at Strathmore Town Hall

Newsletter Archive

The goal of this newsletter is to provide up-to-date, accurate information related to the development of a new community seniors’ living facility for Strathmore and the entire Wheatland County. This information will be truthful and accurate and comes from the people who know the information and the steps that are involved with a development such as this.

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